How to Invest in the Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund

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Over $50

If you are interested in investing in our fund, we suggest that you visit InvestNow where you can get started with a one-off lump sum starting at $250 or just $50 when part of a Regular Investment Plan. InvestNow is a New Zealand based, advice free, online investment platform that gives kiwi investors the ability to invest in managed funds and KiwiSaver from many fund managers, including the Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund.

Global Equity Fund

If you want to directly invest with us, and don't require financial advice, we can receive applications to directly invest amounts of $100,000 or more in the Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund.

If you think you may need investment advice, you should obtain this advice from a financial adviser.

Te Ahumairangi intends to put its fund on different platforms that financial advisers may use for their clients’ investments. The minimum amount that you would need to invest will vary depending on the platform (but would generally be significantly less than $100,000).