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Te Ahumairangi focuses its attention on the management of just one investment strategy in one asset class, global equities. Hence, we manage just a single fund for investors, the
Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund 

Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund

Te Ahumairangi Global Equity Fund is an actively managed fund dedicated to investing in global equity markets. We manage the fund with a particular focus on building a portfolio that should perform relatively well compared to other equity funds if equity markets are weak.

It is a PIE fund, issued by FundRock NZ Ltd, as Issuer and Manager, with the underlying investments managed by Te Ahumairangi Investment Management Limited, the Investment Manager. Public Trust is Supervisor for the fund, and BNP Paribas are the Custodian.

Fees are 0.62% per annum (including GST), and we won’t charge you any performance fees on top of that. You can find out more in our Product Disclosure Statement.

You can find out more about the fund by reading the Product Disclosure Statement, Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives, and Other Material Information, which you can find by clicking on the Fund Documents button below.