Paradoxes & Pitfalls of Measuring Average Returns

NBR Articles, Published 16th January 2024

Over the past 6 calendar years, the arithmetic average annual return from bitcoin has been 78. 9% when measured in US dollars.

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Noise or trend? Or seasonal effect?

NBR Articles, Published 21st November 2023

At a certain level, a lot of equity analysis is about predicting whether a squiggly line on a graph will move up or down in the future.

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Higher bond yields are a challenge for US equity valuations: Identifying the biggest losers

NBR Articles, Published 10th October 2023

US long-term bond yields have risen about 1.4 percentage points in the last 6 months.

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What drives margins?

NBR Articles, Published 12th September 2023

When considering a company's long-term profits, we often focus on sales changes and assume profitability follows suit.

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Forecasting long-run returns from the US share market

NBR Articles, Published 15th August 2023

Every day, a reader of market commentary and broker research will come across numerous views on how the share market is likely to perform for investors over time.

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Risk in Retirement

NBR Articles, Published 4th July 2023

Last week, I read an article in Stuff discussing whether $1 million was a sufficient pool of savings to provide for someone’s retirement.

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Generative AI: A few bad guesses

NBR Articles, Published 30th May 2023

You might like to guess whether or not ChatGPT wrote this article.

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How much Diversification?

NBR Articles, Published 25th April 2023

How diversified should an investment portfolio be?

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America’s Zombie Banks

NBR Articles, Published 28th March 2023

Many reports on the recent collapses of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank of New York, and Credit Suisse have attributed these collapses mainly to sudden withdrawals of funds by depositors.

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Does it really make sense to have over 60% of your offshore investments in the United States?

NBR Articles, Published 14th February 2023

Investors in mainstream New Zealand based global funds, multi asset class funds, or KiwiSaver funds invariably have a large exposure to the United States.

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